Monday, July 16, 2007

Garden Socks

Sometimes you need to stop and smell the flowers ... even when you're knitting baby socks.

Here, a basket o' baby socks enjoys a rest in my daughter's garden, beneath a volunteer cluster of Stella d'Oro daylilies.

Ah, and what have we here? A renegade sock making off for some solitary time in the window box.

And, here, the multi-tasking sock as flower vase ... :-)

Summer gardens, like a baby's first year, are fleeting pleasures that are past before you can fully enjoy their sweetness. So today, take a moment to stop and smell the summer flowers!


Friday, July 13, 2007

NannyGrams are So Swanky!

Well, dear readers, I am just BURSTING with pride! Our NannyGrams have won the So Swanky Award!

Now, you may ask, much as I did when I first heard the news: What is the So Swanky Award and why did NannyGrams win it? Is Swanky a good thing?

As my daughter happily explained to me, is a site where "hip" moms hang out on the web. They can chat with other moms, find the latest trends, get coupons from hip boutiques, and find cool products. The So Swanky Award is the Swanky Moms version of the good housekeeping seal of approval and it is awarded to a limited number of high quality baby products that meet the Swanky Moms high standards for quality, style and design! And yes, our sweet NannyGrams are officially "So Swanky."

I only wish they had a site for Swanky Nannies!